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Hans Anderson from Fredrickvered, Norway, and Sarah Olson found their way across the United States to marry in 1867 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, then made their way to South Dakota. Some of their children found their way back to Wisconsin for work and to start new lives. The Anderson descendants spread across the United States, with our family line moving with the Knapp family to Washington State.

Anderson Family in Town Lessor, Shawano County, Wisconsin

We started our Anderson family research in the Wisconsin county of Shawano. The county roads are alphabetized so we were delighted to find we were on County Road X as we left Outagamie County and entered Shawano County, searching for … Continue reading

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Family History Research: One Thing Leads to Another

My mother and I are in Shawano County, Wisconsin. I’ve been thoroughly corrected on its pronunciation. It’s “Shah-no”, without the “W”. We flew here a couple days ago to begin serious gap filling in our family history research after learning … Continue reading

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Planning Another Genealogy Trip – Wisconsin

I should be heading back home to my husband and cats, but instead, I’m leaving in a week for a drop-out-of-the-sky-decision to spend 10 days in Wisconsin researching my mother’s side of the family tree. This was just decided yesterday, … Continue reading

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Searching for Grandfather Hans Anderson of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

The past two weeks has found me searching for Grandfather Anderson. All of them. Well, some I’ve found, but a lot I haven’t. Let me tell you about the first of two Grandfather Andersons we’re looking for. Hans Anderson from … Continue reading

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US Surname Distribution: Where Was Your Family When?

Hammrick Software’s free online tool, U.S. Surname Distribution is an interesting way to examine the spread of your family names across the United States. Simply type in the last name and choose a census year from among 1850, 1880, and … Continue reading

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