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James Knapp choose an unusual and infamous bride, Elizabeth Brau or Brandtt. Elizabeth not only came with a history of being the sole survivor of her family after an attack by Native American Indians, but the small child was allegedly rescued by the James Brothers, the famous Frank and Jesse James. Together, they had 7 children until James Knapp’s death, then she married again and had 6 more children until his death, then she married again, this time to Charles Knapp, her first husband’s brother. The descendants of the Knapp children began their colorful backwoods life in Wisconsin, then migrated to Oregon and Washington State where some married into the famous Chief Seattle (Sealth) family, which in our family tree is now known as the Elwell family.

When The War Will End

I’m currently transcribing a family relic I can best describe as a journal of “collected writings” from 1916 to 1924 by Emma Beatrice Knapp and her children and their friends and other family members. It was a catchall for everyone … Continue reading

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Planning Another Genealogy Trip – Wisconsin

I should be heading back home to my husband and cats, but instead, I’m leaving in a week for a drop-out-of-the-sky-decision to spend 10 days in Wisconsin researching my mother’s side of the family tree. This was just decided yesterday, … Continue reading

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45,875: Welcome to the Knapp Family

I got my mother into doing some genealogy research on her side of the family and she’s uncovered the fact that we are directly related by blood to Nicholas Knapp (Knap) (1606-1670), who arrived with his brother, William Knapp, from … Continue reading

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US Surname Distribution: Where Was Your Family When?

Hammrick Software’s free online tool, U.S. Surname Distribution is an interesting way to examine the spread of your family names across the United States. Simply type in the last name and choose a census year from among 1850, 1880, and … Continue reading

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Logging Camp J In the 1920’s in Northern Wisconsin

Two hungry and tired boys from the long weary trip from their home through the deep snows of Northern Wisconsin, breathed a sigh of relief as they approached the warm and most comfortable kitchen of the Great Logging Company camp … Continue reading

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Dedicated to the Daughters of Yesteryear and Tomorrow

Collection compiled in December 25, 1981 – updated May 2006 The following pages are excerpts from a form of collected works, a three generation journal if you will, consisting of thoughts, beliefs, mottoes, experiences, and just the lives of three … Continue reading

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