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We’d like to thank all of the living West, Anderson, VanFossen, Knapp, Matthews, Primley, Elwell, and everyone within our family for helping to support and encourage this site dedicated to our families. Specifically, we’d like to thank the following for … Continue reading

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GenSmarts: Reminder to Not Assume

GenSmarts: Reminder to Not Assume

In a recent article on using Gensmarts to research a research facility more effectively, I began to look at GenSmarts Genealogy Software differently. Part of my goal in researching my genealogy, and that of others, is to tell the story … Continue reading

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Digging Through Historical Newspapers Online

As my research into the mysteries in and around the conception and birth of Howard W. West Sr., and confirmation of his parents, Walter Ellsworth West and Lula Bell Pinder, I’ve recently discovered that all of the major players, save … Continue reading

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Everett and Snohomish County, Washington, Research Resources

As I dig into the more recent history of my family, Snohomish County and Everett, Washington, and the surrounding areas played a huge part not just in my life, education, and culture, but also to several branches of my family, … Continue reading

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Otto Anderson (1870-1916)

Otto Anderson (1870-1916) was a surprising find in my Anderson lineage, a successful businessman well-known and respected in his community. We’re still researching information about him, but I’ve found enough to help us paint the picture of my not-so-distant relative, … Continue reading

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Andrias Anderson Descendents

Generation One 1. Andreas1 Anderson was born in 1812 at Norway.1,2 Also known as Andrias, Andrea, and Andris. He married Unknown (–?–) at Norway.1 He immigrated in JUL, 1851 to New York, New York.3,2 Children of Andreas1 Anderson and Unknown … Continue reading

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Nishimura, Sannomiya, Kobe, Japan

On the first pages of the old photograph ablum of my grandfather, Howard W. West, and his time in the Marines and military, much of which was spent on the USS Arizona during the 1920s, I found a lovely signed … Continue reading

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Knapp Family Journal 1916-1924

The following is a transcript of the “Journal of Emma Beatrice Primley Knapp from 1918-1924”, which we call the “Knapp Family Journal 1916-1924”. Emma Beatrice (Primley) Knapp was wife of James Knapp Jr., and daughter of Robert and Kathryn Primley. … Continue reading

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