Poem: My Mother by Robert Knapp (Emma Primley Knapp)

Poem: My Mother by Robert Knapp (Emma Primley Knapp)

Dated December 1, 1964, written for his mother, Emma Beatrice Primley Knapp, died 1960.

My Mother

Poem called My Mother for Emma Primley Knapp by Robert KnappShe waited on me hand and foot.
That’s as the saying goes.
I know great care of me was took,
And thanks so seldom shows.
My Darling Mother, true and brave,
Whose courage none compete.
Who cautioned, and made me behave,
Til I was grown complete.
I was her precious jewel, I’m sure,
Much kindness I was shown.
A Lady fine and few as true,
My Mother, in our home.
Kind favors granted, most with smiles
So cheerful I recall.
To see I dressed in modern styles,
Emma Primley Knapp in her flower garden in Taylor Rapids, Wisconsin, September 3, 1923From the time I was real small.
She taught me to serve Jesus,
And to love him more each day.
So’s I’d grow up to be just
Like she, pleasant and gay.
Now time has played a different roll,
The years at last are showing.
But I’ll stand by at the controls,
As I see her footsteps slowing.
“Dear Mom, you’ve done so much for me,
I guess it’s my turn now,
To satisfy you as needs be,
I’ll do my best some how.”

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Robert F. Knapp (1913-1994)

About Robert F. Knapp (1913-1994)

Robert F. Knapp was born Wausaukee, Wisconsin, in 1913, and moved with his family to the Pacific Northwest in the 1930s. His father, James Asa Knapp Jr., worked in the logging camps and rarely spent much time with his eight children. Eventually, James and the children's mother, Emma Beatrice Primley, divorced and Emma packed up the family and headed west. Robert grew up working odd jobs in logging camps, railroad camps, on farms, and taking what work could come his way until finding steady work and a home with his wife, Evelyn, in Monroe and Lake Stevens, Washington. He had four children and many grandchildren. Robert left behind a legacy of stories and poems written for a creative writing class throughout 1960-1980, writing of life growing up in Northern Wisconsin and the struggles to find work with a huge family to support through the Depression. Permission to reprint this has been graciously granted by the family of Robert F. Knapp with the hope that you will enjoy reading about the life and times of this amazing man.
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