The Diary of Hannah Pierce (1835-1873), Lenawee County, Michigan

Researching your family history online can be a challenge. But when you find a wonderful gem in your research, it makes all the struggle worthwhile.

Such was the discovery of the mention of my West family members in the Diary of Hannah Pierce (1835-1873) from among the resources on the Lenawee, Michigan, genealogy and historical site.

8th Mo. 1843.
Had a visit from E. Spafford and G. Warner. Spent the day at Wm Hoags. Ira Smith and Elizabeth West were married today…

9th Mo. 1847 on the 12th
Mercy West has been buried to day, the work of death is still going on, its ravinges are deeply felt in many familys as well as our own. Seymor West lost his child about 3 weeks since and now his wife. How fleeting are the things of earth, how uncertain is life, but a few short weeks ago many who were them taking an active part on the stage of life, are now slumbering in Death’s long dreamless sleep.

Much of the diary documents the visits and meals shared with various people in the community outside of Adrian, Michigan, in the community of Raisin, Lenawee County. Weddings, christenings, illness and death is mentioned as a log of the community events.

Flu and other epidemics came through and were faithfully and painfully reported by Hannah Pierce. Disease took its tool on this poor farming community. It’s a lovely and simple look into the lives of the community and their families in the early 1800s.

The following West family members are mentioned, though not all are related to the same West family.

  • West, Abram
  • West, Abram and Anna
  • West, Anna
  • West, Elizabeth
  • West, Jane
  • West, Maria
  • West, Mary Ann
  • West, Mercy
  • West, Seymor
  • West, Seymore
  • West, Susannah

If you have family in the Lenawee County of Michigan, they may have passed through and gotten a mention by Hannah Pierce. What a treasure this find was, and much thanks to her descendants and the volunteers from the Lenawee History Society for adding this to the web.

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