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  1. Donna Ward says:

    I have been looking for the West family for many years now, with not any luck. I’m looking for a Ruby e. West or Ruby West born 27 Jan 1881, in Michigan. She married Franklin Booth in Michigan. Any help would be greatly welcome…. thanks Donna

    • Randi Roleson says:

      Azuban West married Zenas Rouse in 1800 in New Lebanon, Columbia, New York. His father was Benajah West, b 17 Sep 1752 in the US he married Anna Younglove, on 30 Julyn 1775. I have a little history going back, but more luck coming forward. Do you have any connection with the West family in England or Ireland? My gggrandmother was Mary Rouse, who married into the West family?? I have her married to Joseph West 14 March 1875 in Greenwich, Kent, England. His father was Thomas West.

      Funny, but not, my g grandmother did the very same thing, leaving my g grandmother did the same thing, leaving my grandfather motherless at the age of 18 months, living in Byram Twp., NJ. I would love to hear more about your West line. I am related to Miss Azuba West, born 13 March 1781.

      I am a decendent of Benajah West>daughter Azuban (Azuba) West (my ggg grandmother, who married Zenas Rouse 1800 in New Lebanon, Columbia, New York. Zenas had Benjamin Rouse b1821, who had Mary Anna Rouse in 1853. She disappeared in 1874 leaving my grandfather behind at the age of 18 months.

      I also am a decendant of Zenas Rouse. He is my ggg grandfather. I have his line down to Benjamin Rouse father of Mary Rouse (b 1853) my gg grandmother.

      Thanks so much, Randi Roleson

      • Gail K Jones says:

        Hi There, I think we may be related. Azuba West Rouse Torrey is my 5th g grandmother. I did find the record of her marriage to Jesse Torrey, 8 Aug 1816 by REV Churchill in New Lebanon, NY But the big ? is what happened to Zenus Rouse!
        Did he die or were they divorced? I am very interested in his line. Hope to hear from you! GKJ

        • @Gail: I can find none of these names in my family tree. What would make you think we are related? Have you been able to track any of the names on my West family tree as connected to yours? Finding that connection point will help both of us. Thank you.

  2. Sorry, we have no Ruby nor Booth yet in our West family tree. I still have a lot of information to dig through, but I recommend you also search for “Wing” as the West and Wing families have a lot of connections that I’m still trying to figure out. Let me know if you find them. And really hit the census records, state and local. I found that the hardest people to find can often be found by “browsing” the census record rather than using the search. If you know the town or county, it’s time consuming, but I’ve found many people that way.

  3. Sharon Willis Robinson says:


    My father, Howard Elwers Willis, served on the USS Arizona from 1924 to 1925. I know the chances are slim considering the number of men on board, but I just wondered if your grandfather and my father knew each other. I have his logbook and am searching for information about his ‘pals’ onboard. Do you recognize any of the following names:

    H.E. Willis (my dad); F. Beaumont; (maybe D.) Austin; Volz; May; Green; Harper; Collins; Roter or Potter; Purin; or “Peaches”?

    Was your grandfather aboard the USS Arizona while it was in California in 1924 for the Vallejo Cup? The team consisted of: Fretwell, Whitney, Tyler, Cardella, Fetzer, Willis (my dad), Bogardus, Parris, Perry, Merritt, Misell, Brickup & Shirling. I have not been able to find out much about this race, but I do know that the team either won, came in second or third because the team received a trophy. I have the photograph of the team receiving their trophy.

    Do you have any pictures of the men aboard the USS Arizona during this time frame? I have but a few and would love to have a more complete photo gallery for my father’s time aboard this ship.

    Thanks for your help and your website!


  4. Sharon,

    Wonderful and how exciting. I have my grandfather’s log book, but there are no names of his fellows on board, which is very frustrating. In fact, there is little information, except what I posted. I do have a lot of photographs that I recently scanned and will be processing them for display on the web page and I would adore any and all help identifying anyone in those photographs. I’ll contact you when those are up and maybe we can make some connections.

    Howard William West Sr. was on the Arizona during 1924 and 1925, so they might have known each other. My grandfather did hang out with the Marines a lot, though, which he did eventually join or had been with. Sorry, I’m traveling and don’t have his information handy.

    I’ve never heard of the Vallejo Cup, but I also don’t have all of my grandfather’s records yet. I’ve been bugging my aunt’s family and hopefully will have some material soon.

    This is exciting. Thank you and I hope we can make some connections!

  5. Jason K. Potter says:

    In reading your entry on the descendants of David West, I believe there is an error regarding the children of Almond B. West. My grandfather (Almond G. West – born in Attica MI) was the son of North I. West, who was the son of Almond B. West and Hannah Phelps. There is no doubt of this, as I have the DAR records compiled by my uncle North E. West. In your article, you have a Noah West. I wonder if this may be “North”. The other children appear to be correct.

    Thanks for the connection to the Dutchess County Quakers you have provided. Several branches of my family, especially the Potter branch appear to have been Quakers in Washington County, NY before becoming Baptists at the end of the 18th century. I have always wondered why my ancestor Rev. John Burgoyne Potter (son of Steven Potter born in Fort Ann, NY would have been named after John Burgoyne. I wondered if there might be a connection with his Quaker roots and some connection with the loyalists.

    I can provide further information if you wish.

    Jason Potter

  6. Wow! I would love more information. This connection with David West is very new, and I haven’t had time to substantiate all the information. I will email you regarding this and hopefully our information will fill in some missing blanks.

    This is the most exciting part of sharing information online – you find new information and new relatives. Thank you!

  7. Luis Knapp says:

    My name is Luis Knapp, Grandson of Theron Knapp born in 1910. Theron passed away in Quincy WA 10 years ago. I am trying to find my family,
    Luis Knapp

    • Sara says:

      I seen your post regardin Luis Knapp back in 2006… I don’t have any information on Luis. I wanted to ask you if you know a Edgar arroyo Knapp? I don’t think I’m spelling the middle name right. My good friend Cory Knapp father. If you have any idea who I’m speaking of please let me know.


  8. Well, hello, cousin! Wow. My assumption is that Theron Knapp was a descendant of Theron Knapp of 1870 in Michigan? I have no information on the 1870 Theron Knapp family, though you may find information on him from our Knapp Family Online Resource Links. I would love to get information on him and the family before and after. I’ve been recently putting more effort into James Acey/Asa Knapp Senior and Junior and coming up empty, and Theron Knapp (1870) is a son of the senior Knapp.

    If you have information on that connection, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  9. Carolyn Adams says:

    Has anyone in this line submitted to one of the DNA tests? There is a great DNA project for the WEST surname, found at

    I see some links with the line I am working with, which includes Ichabod West, b in RI ca 1710 – 18, died in Shaftsbury VT ca 1787 He also resided in Pawling (beeksman patent)NY and was a Baptist. I believe my line will lead back to Francis West and Susanna Soule, and when I find a male WEST cousin willing to donate his DNA maybe we will all know. Even if this is not the same line as mine, the DNA test will be important to ascertain the original ancestor.

    • Linda McNally says:

      Hi, Carolyn! I,too, am trying to find the connection for Ichabod West to my ancestor-Noah West b. 1776, along with dna evidence showing they both descend from Francis West/Susanna Soule. I believe Noah was a son of Ichabod and am trying to find evidence for that. Do you have any information pertaining to that? Supposedly, Louise has a copy of Ichabod’s will dated 1787 , naming his children but, she has answered any of my inquiries. Have you seen a copy? Thanking you in advance, Linda

      • I’m not sure if Carolyn is still monitoring this post, and her email returns invalid. I don’t have any details yet on that line in the family but I will post what I have when I get it on the blog. Thanks!

  10. We’re working on DNA submissions and hopefully will have some results soon. For many years, my modern ancestors told everyone that we were related to Sir Fredrick West of Virginia/England. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out that they had read a book or someone had told them about those Wests and they assumed they were related. No wonder I ran into so many dead ends for so very long, following the claims of several generations. It looks like we’re heading back to West and Soule, too.

    Maybe we’re related. 😉

  11. Steph says:

    I have recently become involved in finding my family and can relate somewhat to your frustrations. Although not a family history guru by any means, I have enjoyed the process of finding my ancestors. I have also recently become informed of World Vital Records which may be of some help to you. They offer a free newsletter, a free ebook, and a number of databases.

    I hope you find this helpful. Good luck in your continual pursuits to find your family. It is very rewarding when we find and understand our ancestors.

  12. Nathan West says:

    This past July the Mayflower Society’s West Family Historian Louise W. Throop contacted me about giving her my family records and about taking a DNA test. All of the records I had went from my family in Vermont to Minerva, New York to Connecticut to North Kingston, Rhode Island and finally to the Plymouth Colony. All evidence pointed to being a descendant of Francis and Susannah (Soule) West. I ended up taking the test (as did a distant cousin) and we both came back a positive match. Needless to say the West Family DNA Project has posted our results. I am “W105” in “Group 20” on their website.

    I also have a blog that I started in November that I haven’t had a chance to update:

  13. william reid says:

    Hi my name is William Reid my grand daddy told the family that we was kin to King David 17 Genration of King David the Gidron family.I know it sound crazy but that what he said,we also had a family reunion that said 17 Genration of King David the Gidron family root.How do i find out rather or not it is true. I know my grand daddy will not make that type of thing up. My grand daddy name is William Gidron he pass away in 1997 that an old ages.

    please help me find out rather or not it is true about my grand daddy is related to 17 genration of king david.

  14. I can’t help you as I do not offer personal genealogy research help. I’m too busy trying to dig up my own family. 😉

    However, there are a whole lot of people associated with Descendants of King David to Meet in Jerusalem that might be able to help.

    I was told my whole life that we were descendants of the British Royal Family through Cornwallis. I found out two years ago it was a load of crap. Someone probably read a book that said that Cornwallis was a “West” and told enough people, and it passed through the ages, that we were related. Not even close to the truth. In fact, the truth is actually more fun than the fiction.

    Good luck with your search.

  15. Hi, Lorelle,
    I stumbled across your site here when I was googling genealogical blogs. It is a great resource! I am a contributing editor for Genealogical Helper (and was for Heritage Quest for 17 years before GH and HQ merged). I would like very much like to make reference to cameraontheroad in the current article I am working on. It will definitely appear in an upcomin issue, as it is an assigned article. I will also include your link.
    Thank you in advance.
    Janet Elaine Smith, author

  16. I believe you are asking my help to do your family research. I’m not a family researcher. I just dig into my family’s past. I cannot help you research your family. It’s not hard and I’ve included many articles on this site to help you get started and dig even further on your own.

    Good luck.

  17. Charles A. Robinson says:

    I am trying to locate imformation on a Zebulon (John)Smith of Raisin Township, Lenawee County, Michigan. His second wife was an Elizabeth M. (sirname unknown). Was this her legal name?

    On or about Christmas 1873 an Alice M. Smith witnessed the wedding of her daughter, Nancy Alice (Ella) Smith, to one Elon Boyce in Farwell, Clare County, Michigan.

    There were four daughters born of this marriage before Ella Smith Boyce disappeared into the piney woods with another man. The daughters were Alice Cora Boyce Higgins, Florence (?), Janine Boyce Parrish Conley, and my grandmother Myrttle Clara Boyce Robinson. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

  18. As stated clearly in my comments policy and contact information, I am not a genealogy researcher. I cannot help those outside of my immediately family research.

    However, I would check the Diary of Hannah Pierce on the Lenawee, Michigan, genealogy site and search through it for names of your relatives. I do not recognize any of these names in association with my family tree.

    The family history researchers associated with that site may also have more information and help for you.

  19. Taneya says:

    Came across your blog from Steve’s. Great reading! I would like to suggest however that you add dates to your blog posts.

  20. Terry Reigel says:

    Hi, Lorelle,

    I found your blog listed as a referrer in the stats for my Terry’s Tips site – didn’t know until then you were posting about it. Thanks for the traffic.

    I’m glad to see you are finding what I wrote helpful.


  21. Hi Lorelle,
    Your last posting on your blog asks if anyone knows of a good genealogy podcast. I produce and host the Genealogy Gems Podcast which you can find at It’s a weekly podcast running about 20-25 minutes & I pack each one with the research and display ideas. My website is more than just a Show Notes blog, but a full blown website with videos and resources. And coming in September will be my new book “The Comprehensive Guide to Season One of the Genealogy Gems Podcast.” I hope you and your readers will check it out. All the best, Lisa

  22. @Taneya:

    Thanks, and there are dates on my blog posts. In the post meta data section, the paragraph at the end of the post content. Much of what I write is timeless, so there is no need for dates to be BIG and bold.

  23. @Lisa Louise Cooke:

    Thanks for the info. I checked out your site, and my, well, oh. I do hope with your new book you also give your site the face life it needs as you have valuable information presented in an out-dated fashion, very difficult to search and navigate. Your information is too valuable to be hidden behind such a site.

  24. Keral Rehn says:

    Hi Lorelle,
    I know you are probably traveling around doing whatever it is that you do best but I wanted to say hello! Also, I have website questions for you, so, come home!

  25. Jeremy says:

    Lorelle, I have read through your genealogy posts on Lorelle at wordpress and scanned through this website. How did you export your data to fill pages like David West Descendants? I use WordPress and am looking at incorporating genealogy into my website, but am having trouble finding a decent, easy-to-use way to do so.

  26. @Jeremy:

    I use the Master Genealogist program to export an HTML file with a list of the generations. Then I use ALL my HTML expertise to clean it up since it comes out in a horrible table format, over-coded, and ugly. I wish they would clean up their HTML export to meet web standards.

  27. @Bobby:

    Can you be more specific with what “valid” means to you? An error or four in the W3C validation test does not mean that the site doesn’t work. It may mean that the test doesn’t recognize the code. Ad codes have long been a problem with validation but they do not impact the site’s function nor form. Is that what you meant?

  28. Justin Knapp says:

    I have done some research, and pieced together the pieces of my family tree at least on the knapp line, using if this information is correct then i believe i am a 13 generation direct descendant of Nicholas Knapp from Suffolk England. im not sure if there is anything i can do, but i was wondering whats the best way to do genealogy research.

  29. @Justin Knapp:

    I don’t understand. What should you do about it? Do you have proof? Do you have information that isn’t public and published that would help add to the information on the family research? Then publish it via a blog or whatever and get the information to the leaders in the Knapp family research. There is a Knapp family mailing list on so that would be a good place to start.

  30. Roben Wrampe says:

    I am the granddaughter of Allen James Knapp and found your site while looking up my Grandmother. Thank you for having this information!

  31. Hi Lorelle,

    I am Miriam Parker from the Hachette Book Group. We are publishing a novel in September by Kathleen Kent, who is descended from Martha Carrier, one of the first women to be tried and executed for being a witch in Salem, Mass. She did extensive family research for the book and the book is a fictionalized account of her own family history. I wonder if you would be interested in reading/reviewing it for your Family History blog.

    More info about the book:

    If so, do let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Miriam Parker
    Online Marketing Specialist
    Hachette Book Group USA (Formerly the Time Warner Book Group)

  32. Vickie Van Fossen says:

    I’m trying to locate a copy of The Van Fossen’s in America and any information on Lawrence S. Van Fossen, from ohio (could be laurence)born in the 1900’s. His father was Sidney (Sydney?)Van Fossen

  33. Michele Van Fossen- Wade says:

    Hi. My Van Fossen line goes from a John Van Fossen,1630, Philadelphia Pa. area to Hervey Van Fossen, 1900’s in Ohio. My father is Michael Van Fossen and we are trying to locate any connections in the Ohio/Michigan area. Thanks for any information you may have.

  34. Shelly Coey says:

    I would like to know how I find out about death records my great great grandparents passed away in Marinette, WI that the only information I have. I found them alive on a 1910 population census from marinette. I know they lived there at one time. I would like to know how I would platt book information from that erea. I am having hard time tracking them.

  35. Stuart Rigdon says:

    I’m looking for information on William V. Cox born 1892 and died 1961 in Ohio. I am interested in locating any living relatives to discuss a son William had in 1928 with his then wife Nellie L. Bagley McKernan Cox who died in 1931. Their son was sent to live with his maternal grandparents in Florida.

  36. Louise Walsh Throop says:


    I am thinking your David West was the son of Elijah West….a document in the Vermont State Papers names four children of Elijah West: Benajah, David, Elisha, and Mary. I could use Y-DNA testing of West men descended from Benajah, David or Elisha.

    This Elijah West was the proprietor of the tavern in Windsor VT where the VT State constitution was written 8 July 1777. He died about 1798 and his will is in Windsor Co. VT. Does somebody have a copy of his will I can see?

    I have a Y-DNA testing project housed with under the surname WASTE [alternate pronounciation/spelling in early 1700s]. Please have two West men descended from David West sign up with this project. If I am right, this West family descends from Francis and Susannah (Soule) West/Waste.

    I am working on a book of this West family, and would like to prove that this David who m. Susannah Hoag is the son of Elijah, and back to Francis and Susannah. The Y-DNA pattern of Francis West’s descendants is known. Is there a match with descendants of David and Susannah??

  37. Louise Walsh Throop says:

    Hi again!

    I just found the Y-DNA test results for your West lineage (from Jan 2007, W113), and while the results do not match the known results from several descendants of Francis and Susannah (Soule) West, I have some comments:

    One Y-DNA test result is not enough. You need two tests matching out of three………which means you need to get another man who is not too closely related to your first tester. At least second cousin or further. Than IF those two match, you know your Y-DNA pattern.

    If they don’t match, then you have to get another man to test…..a third one.

    I speak from personal experience: the second Throop man to test did not match the first tester. The third Throop man to test did match the first tester.

    Now in your case, it will help the research if a West man with a lineage to Benajah West will test. I am not totally certain your David West is the same as the David West son of Elijah, of Windsor VT. The tax and store records in Dutchess County NY indicate your West family was in Dutchess Co. before heading north about 1775.

    A lot of those Dutchess County people came ca 1740s from RI…but children of mariners do not usually have the financial backing to run a tavern in VT… is just a thought which makes me pause.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  38. Duane Nichols says:

    I am related to Lillie Peterson who married Anton Anderson in 1906. If you would like their genealogy I would be happy to send it to you. I see that you list the family name “Nichols” as part of your header. I know that William Nichols and Marthena Peterson lived in Shawano, do they connect in any way to the Andersons? I cannot find where Marthena’s father came from in Norway, so I keep hoping to find a connection through another relative. Thank you

  39. Don Duba says:

    My Grandmother left a genalogical history of her family. She separated family lines and included births, marriages and deaths. The West Info is ae follows:
    Benajah West b: 9/17/1752 d: 12/29/1832
    New Lebanon, NY
    m: 7/30/1775
    Annah Younglove b:10/23/1758 d: 8/20/1821
    Hudson, NY

    Sally b: 6/1/1776 d: 7/19/1825
    Polly b: 1/13/1779 d: ?
    m: Randson Sage
    Azuba b: 3/13/1781 d: ?
    m: Zenas Rouse in New Lebanon, NY
    Marcia b: 8/13/1783 d: 1856 Camden, NY
    m: Samuel Bull
    Elijah b: 7/2/1785 d: 4/28/1840 buried Hamilton,NY
    m: 11/20/1804 in Hamilton, NY
    Sally Wait b: ? d: 7/19/1825
    David b:8/25/1787 d: 10/13/1839
    m: 12/20/1807
    Rebecca Clark
    Abraham b: 8/3/1789 d: ? Fox Lake, WI
    Annah b: 11/4/1791 d: ?
    m: ?
    Abner Flint
    Lydia (Twin) b:3/14/1794 d: 3/2/1869 New Lebanon, NY
    m: 10/2/1817
    Elijah Warner (My personal line)
    Elizabeth (Twin) b 3/14/1794 d:4/13/1795
    Eliza b: 4/11/1797 d: ?
    m: Daniel Sage
    Isaiah b:8/24/1799 d: 3/17/1887
    m: Sarah Crocker

    I also have the lineage of Elijah West and Sally Wait.
    Hope this helps someone

  40. Christine Fowler says:


    I am researching a Charles Edward Knapp who said he was born in Wisconsin abt 1874-78. I do not know his parents names nor do i know of any siblings. He was listed as Indian in the 1930 WA state census and his children were as well. He was married maybe to two women at one time – one being Bessie L (Valna) and she has her own story too – He did have 3 girls and one son in Oregon/WA state with Bessie- he was a large man too with NA features, but called himself ‘white’. He served in the SAW but I haven’t found any records. I believe he was married to another woman and left her with poss. other children behind when he stole Bessie from her husband…They may never have seen Charles again and they may have lived in Marion County, OR…have more info, but will wait until someone contacts me.

  41. Edith Norman Porter says:

    I’ve always known I was a direct descendent of William Norman, the conquerer of England from my father’s side of the Norman family. In researching further on the “root stock” of the Normans, I found out they could possibly be the Lost Tribe of Benjamin. The tribe of Benjamin split from the tribe of Judah. So, could i be distantly related to the King David family lineage? Thank you.
    Edith Norman (Porter is married name)

  42. Bonnie Smith says:

    My mother had told me in the past that her grandmother had worked as a cook in a logging camp..this was a woman that my mom didn’t know very well.and she may not remember it quite right either. Her name was Edna Josephine Knapp, and I believe she was born in 1878 in Pa. My mom thought the logging camp was in Canada (?) do you know other camps where I can search for where she may have worked…I just stumbled onto this site, and it reminded me of something my mother told me. I haven’t confirmed who Edna’s parents were or much else…but this site made me very curious to find out more of the Knapp side of my family.

    • Daniel Worden says:

      This is interesting. My grandmother, Lillian Idella Snow, married Allen James Knapp. Family rumor has it that she met him while working as a cook in a logging camp, and that she may have been from Canada. Could she have known your grandmother?

  43. Ted Wallace says:

    Looking for information on Charles Otis Haviland and Mary Alice Hayes

    Charles b August 14, 1858 d 1926 I don’t know here born and the same for death?

    Mary was born 1860 and died 1919

    Any information is much appreciated

  44. Love your work! thank you so much for putting this information out there. I just started moving my family tree information from my old stardard html website to a website powered by wordpress. Is there a way to “import” the php pages to the new “powered by wordpress” site, or other solution, other than “copy and paste”

    • There are WordPress Plugins that will handle GEDCOM files now. All WordPress sites are powered by WordPress, so I think you mean Copy and paste in the HTML editor from a family history software program that offers the ability to export the tree to a web page. Remove the header and only paste in the content area into the post. It may need tweaking, but I’ve done it.

  45. PAT O'CONNOR says:

    I need help. Looking for a reliable certified genealogist who is familiar with the “West Family Lineage”. My great grandmother was Margaret West. On her daughter’s birth certificate, it list her home state as Kentucky. Margaret married John Joseph Conway and they lived in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh around 1893. Daughter, Mabel Cecilia Conway was born 7/20/1893 at home.

    Can you help me?

  46. Gail K Jones says:

    Looking for information/or the ancestors of Zenas Rouse b 1777 who married Azuba West b13 Mar 1781 in New Lebanon, NY 1799

  47. Mark Smith says:

    Looking for decendants of Herbert E Smith, & his wife Sadie M Dulmage. I believe his son Raymond, (b.1923) may still be alive. His wife is Corinne Carter. The two familys moved from Clayton, NY. It appears that they had 4 children. Do the family still live in the Portland area? Would they be interested in getting in touch with me? I would love to get in touch with my American cousins. Please, can anyone help?

  48. Daniel Worden says:

    Hello, you’ve done great work here!

    I just wanted to make some corrections to the Tenth Generation of Nicholas Knapp’s descendents. Allen James Knapp and Lillian Idella Snow are my grandparents. Their youngest daughter, Dianna [sic] is my mother. She and her sisters Shirley and Audrey are well, but the rest of their siblings have passed away.

    I was very excited to find out that I am a descendent of Nicholas Knapp!

    Daniel Worden

  49. Susan K. Haynes says:

    I came across this wonderful family journal while looking for a childhood song we sang back in 1958 (I’m 61 yrs. old now). And here it is, but I see an indication (by the lady who kept the journal) that the author is unknown–by now, you probably know, but just in case, the woman who wrote this song is Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards February 27, 1850 – January 14, 1943. Circa 1918.
    Susan K. Haynes

  50. Susan K. Haynes says:

    RE: THE SONG “EASTERTIME” byPlease excuse me for forgetting to mention the childhood song to which I referred in my other email. Someone, perhaps Ms. Naomi Wilson, indicated the author was unknown. You may alread know, but the author is Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards circa 1918. I still remember the melody, but many of the words I could not recall. Thanks to you and your beloved relatives, I have them.

    This is such a wonderful, sweet journal that you have kindly shared with many people, and it is quite touching to read. Kind Regards, Susan K. Haynes

    • Thank you so much. It took some work, but using your clue to the author I hunted down the source and updated Knapp Family Journal 1916-1924. The original poem is different from what is transcribed but it is clearly close enough.

      And thank you for appreciating the hard work to transcribe Emma’s family journal. We’re slowly uncovering a lot of beautiful stories and writings by our family and I’m glad that you appreciate this. It means so much to us! Thank you.

      • Susan K. Haynes says:

        You are so very welcome! I’m happy I could be of some help. Thank you again for sharing these precious words and memories with all of us. Kind Regards, Susan Haynes

  51. Sue Beus says:

    I am interested in finding out if you can help me to get started with a business blog.
    I have been teaching a Family History/Genealogy organizing system that is unique to anything else I have seen. I teach a hand-On class class that I have developed over the last 30 years that takes a student from learning how to make a FH workbook and Document box that keeps track of what you are doing & what you still need to do and how to put years of paperwork you have accumulated together in one place. My lessons have become so popular that I want to be able to present it to a larger audience and area of people. I think creating a blog will be what I need to do to get my system out to those who could benefit from my years of experience. If this is something you could help me with, I would greatfully appreciate it.

  52. Hello there. I was perusing the web looking for a graphic to use for a collateral piece promoting the local chambers of commerce in Lenawee County. Our theme is “Staycation Lenawee Summer 2011.” And, I happened upon your graphic showing the sign “Enter Lenawee County.” Would you give me permission to use this? It is not something that will be used long or entensively — just on a tent card in local businesses showcasing a calendar of events. I would be happy to provide credit. Please let me know. Thank you so very much.

  53. Wendy Gunderson says:

    I am researching my own Knapp/Anderson lines and have come across your site. I’m fairly new to genealogy research and wanted to thank you for all the information you share. I believe that we are distant cousins along our Knapp line, splitting at my 7th great grandparents, John Knapp & Abigail Close. My Knapp line moves through Eli in the next generation who married Rachel Dubois. My Knapps endi with Julia Ann Knapp (1817-1879) who married William Goforth Welch. Their daughter Hannah Welch then married Allen Richard Anderson, son of Elijah E Anderson Jr, who married Rosa Ann Bray and then seems to have gone missing off the face of the planet.

    I’m looking forward to hopefully learning more about my Knapps, possibly sorting them out though all the various histories with tips from your posts. Thanks again!

  54. Hello Lorelle- I love your blog!

    I’m an intern at the CREHST museum in Richland, WA. I’m researching the Pre-1943 residents of White Bluffs, Hanford, and old Richland for an oral history project at WSU- Tri-Cities.

    As you know, Melvin and Helen lived in White Bluffs for a bit. Since you are such a great family historian, I thought you might like to participate in our project. I maintain a Facebook page ( and we also have an official website at

    We are looking for any photos and/or stories that anyone is willing to share, as well as oral history interviews with those few residents who are still living.


    Sarah St. Hilaire

  55. Sarah says:

    Also, I found Helen’s maiden name to be Wilson, not Griffiths. Is that correct?


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