We’d like to thank all of the living West, Anderson, VanFossen, Knapp, Matthews, Primley, Elwell, and everyone within our family for helping to support and encourage this site dedicated to our families.

Specifically, we’d like to thank the following for their generosity in sharing family history, photographs, records, notes, stories, and permission to use these within this site.

  • Ramona Fletcher, Everett, Washington
  • Robert Knapp, Everett, Washington
  • Sharon Lee, La Conner, Washington
  • Anita Ellingsworth, Spokane, Washington
  • Keral Irene Ellingsworth-Rehn, Everett, Washington
  • Don and Marlene McAlvey, Lansing, Michigan
  • Dale Farlin, Lansing, Michigan
  • Don and Jo Van Fossen, Alliance, Ohio
  • Howard West, Marysville, Washington
  • Fritz Knapp
  • Eugene and Carol Knapp, Clarkston, Washington
  • Jim Knapp, Arlington, Washington

8 Responses to Credits

  1. Hi Lorelle,
    I was wondering if you have any information on
    the Van Fossen family tree? Have been to the site along with others and still have
    been able to link my grandfather Robert Dewey
    Van Fossen to Smith-Samuel-Henry-Benjamin line.
    Any help would be appricated.
    Thank you for your time.
    Debbie Van Fossen

  2. I have extensive information on the VanFossen family tree (VanFossen, Van Fossen, Von Fossen, and even Von Vossen, among others) and I’m waiting for the information.

    My husband’s VanFossen side comes from Arnold Van Vossen/Fossen, the first of that line to arrive in North America in the late 1600s or early 1700s and settled in Ohio. While there are still those Van Fossens living on the homestead, my husband’s direct line moved on to farm in Iowa and then eventually to farm in Oklahoma, where they live today.

    Hopefully I will have that information soon.

  3. Hi.. Im trying to find more information on the Van Fossen family line. I dont have a lot of information to go with.. but Im trying to track as far back as possible. The only names I have are Charlie/Charles b. 1898. I believe, he is the son of Charles b. 1855. And he is the son of Daniel b. 1834. I dont know if any of this is correct, but if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Sandra Louise Greasley says:

    My mother was a Van Faussein. This I believe was Von Fossen in the 19th century before it was changed. I have found both spellings in

  5. Terri Tersa Van Fossen says:

    My grandfather was William (Billy Van Fossen) and my grandmother was Eileen Ethel Van Fossen. I never knew my grandfather, but my grandmother was born Sept. 4th, 1922, I think that is the year. She passed away in AlbanyN NY as she lived there many years, but she lived in 000virginia and DC too. My father, now deceased Terry Lee Rogers Van Fossen is survived by four daughter, two brothers and two sisters. 4everal other siblings have long passed. I. You have any info, please help. I would love to learbn more about family name. Thank u

    • The VanFossen family that I married into (working on getting their family history here, too) is descended from the Van Fossen family that arrived in the very early 1700s and set up their homestead in Ohio. The family spread west to Iowa where a major enclave was formed, and then to Oklahoma with the land rush where many still remain. There are VanFossens in each of those areas still, and there are books published on that VanFossen lineage available at many libraries. I’d start there.

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