Finding Geographical Place Names in Canada

Eastman’s Genealogy Newsletter has helped me again with “Placed in Canada”, helping all of us researching online maps of towns and communities in Canada find them.

Have you looked for online maps of towns or other named places in Canada? You may have found that the most popular Canadian mapping site, “Geographical Names of Canada,” has very detailed place names but only has low resolution maps when compared to today’s other online mapping services. Of course, you can look at the maps on the other services, but they are not as good at finding place names, especially of the smaller villages. Now a free online service combines the best of both worlds: data from the “Geographical Names of Canada” plus much better maps from Google Maps, Live Local, MapQuest, and Yahoo! Maps.

He highlights a great resource which includes all these resources by John Cardinal called “Places in Canada”. Wonderful!

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2 Responses to Finding Geographical Place Names in Canada

  1. Ruth Parsons says:

    I don’t know if this is the proper place for this, but I’ve tried all kinds of places. What I’m looking for is a place, I found the name when I was looking up my ancestors. I found the name on line, the book they sited was “Americas First Families.” The Town is Qunatte Canada. If you have heard of it I would really appreciate a reply. Thank You Ruth

  2. Try Quinatte, Canada instead for a better spelling. That might be the place. Good luck.

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