Medieval Cookery: Cooking and Recipes From the Medieval Times of Europe

I recently wrote about exploring ethnic grocery stores to uncover your ancestor’s food preferences and habits, so why not also explore even further back than your great-grandmother’s favorite ethnic holiday meal and go back to the times circa 900-1500, known as the Medieval Times of Europe.

Medieval Cookery is a site dedicated to recipes and cooking in Medieval Times, often referred to as the Middle Ages.

From among the fabulous Medieval Recipes you will find Quynces or Wardones in Paast, A Tart of Ryce, Roasted Turnips, A Pie of Parsnips, Baked Mallard, Venison Custarde, Salomene, Almond Milk, and Stuffed Cabbage.

Want to experience an entire meal from Medieval Times? There is a category of Medieval Menus to help you set out all the courses for whatever Medieval holiday spread you would like including Fish Dinner for Lent or a typical Meat Supper with Four Platters of food to satisfy large parties.

The Notes & Natterings category offers some insights and educational material to help you learn more about Medieval Cooking.

The site’s cooks, researchers, and writers are Edouard Halidai (with the modern name of Daniel Myers) and Avelyn Grene (Kristen Sullivan), both fans of international cusine, focusing on Medieval European food and recipes. Master Halidai is a member of a medieval re-creation organization and helps to further the art and study of medieval cooking by offering seminars at various conventions, conferences, and people “who don’t run away fast enough”.

Medieval Cookery also offers a variety of books on Medieval Cooking, a list of Online Medieval Cookbooks, sources for finding Medieval Spices, and a Dictionary of Middle-English Cooking Terms to help you figure out the different spellings and words used from those times to make these recipes.

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